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Profane Deliriums: 18th-century Portuguese Love Songs
'terrifically animated, wonderful energy...gorgeous!' BBC Radio 3

Acclaimed instrumental ensemble L’Avventura London is marking the launch of its new CD release on Hyperion Records, 18th-century Portuguese Love Songs.

In his journals, the eighteenth-century English novelist and travel writer William Beckford described the most seductive, beguiling love songs he heard during his journey to Portugal; they were called modinhas, ‘an original sort of music different from any I ever heard, the most seducing, the most voluptuous imaginable, the best calculated to throw saints off their guard and to inspire profane deliriums’.

Composed for the era’s virtuoso singers and first-rate guitarists, these popular works mixed the musical traditions of indigenous Brazilian population with that of their Portuguese European counterparts, producing a unique vocal genre characterized by captivating melodies, unusual rhythms and colouristic instrumental effects. Popularized by many of the leading eighteenth-century Portuguese composers, modinhas were a unique, overwhelmingly soulful expression of the romantic impulse, combining longing and melancholy with joyful passion for living. The programme will include a selection of beguiling modinhas by António da Silva Leite, Marcos Portugal, José Maurício, and others. Carlos Seixas, Domenico Scarlatti, and Pedro António Avodano will also be represented through their striking instrumental pieces.

L’Avventura London will on this occasion be joined by Portuguese sopranos Sandra Medeiros and Joana Seara.

18:30 - 19:00 Pre-concert talk on the fascinating history of Portuguese modinhas by L’Avventura’s director Žak Ozmo

19:00 - 20:00 Concert, Žak Ozmo and L'Avventura London present, 18th-century Portuguese Love Songs

20:00 - 21:00 Reception with complimentary wine and nibbles. (L'Avventura's new CD release, 18th-century Portuguese Love Songs will be available for purchase)

Singers: Sandra Medeiros (soprano) and Joana Seara (soprano)

L’Avventura London: Žak Ozmo (director, Baroque guitar), Joanna Parker (violin), Marta Gonçalves (flute), Natasha Kraemer (cello), Taro Takeuchi (six-course ‘Spanish’ and English guitars), David Gordon (harpsichord)
The Foundling Museum, London on Friday 23 November 2012
Doors open at 6:00PM
Starts at 6:30PM
Ticket Price: £12.00 - £15.00