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Maximise advance sales, by selling more tickets via your website and social media

  • Online ticket sales made easier than ever

    Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets, our FREE online box office system puts you in complete control of your event listings, 24/7.

    It only takes a few minutes to create your event sales page, customise it with your own logo, colours and images and integrate it into your website and Facebook page to maximise the ticket selling potential of your website and social media.

  • FREE to use for Event Organisers and Venues

    No setup costs. No monthly subscription. No service charges of any kind to event organisers or venues.

    Our self-service dashboard gives you complete control of your ticket sales online, 24/7, but if you do need help from our support staff, or would like our Telephone Box Office Team to take phone bookings on your behalf, those services are also completely free.

  • Huge range of customisable features and tools

    Since our launch in 2004, we have regularly added new features and TicketSource is now acknowledged as one of the most versatile ticket sales systems on the market.

    We support eTickets, mobile tickets and thermal-print tickets - but it's your choice which of those formats to enable. And when it comes to venue management, you can also choose whether to use our front-of-house guestlist report to validate tickets, or one of our range of Ticket Scanning Options.

    The system even lets you sell sundry items such as CD's, souvenir programmes and merchandise, in advance, and take donations - including GiftAid.

  • Helps promote, track and manage your events

    TicketSource doesn't stop at ticket sales. We also help publicise your events by providing a range of integrated e-marketing and promotion tools, including automated discount codes, customer database management and Mailchimp integration.

    The system automatically tweets details of your events and uploads them to leading listings sites like and, and our Google optimisation makes it easier for customers to search for your event too.

    And finally, our reporting and analysis functions not only make it easy to see where your sales are coming from, they also do most of your accounting and bookkeeping for you.

  • Fast and secure transfer of ticket revenues

    Option1: Full Service
    Proceeds of all sales transacted via TicketSource card payment facilities are held in a segregated 'Client' bank account. On the Monday after your event, the funds are transferred to your bank account. In the event of your event being cancelled, TicketSource takes care of refunds to your customers (inclusive of our own booking fees).

    Option 2: Money up front...
    If you prefer to receive ticket proceeds immediately as each sale is made, simply plug in your own merchant facility with Stripe. You will be still be able to use all our facilities, however in the event of a cancellation, you would be responsible for handling customer refunds.

  • NO customer booking fees for FREE events

    If you are organising a FREE event, but would like to have guests register in order to stay within the capacity of the venue, or to know how many to cater for, simply create your event listing as normal and set the ticket price to £0.00. Attendees will still be issued with a scannable e-ticket, mobile or printed ticket with a unique booking reference, but there will be no charge to either you or your customers.

  • LOW customer booking fees for PAID events

    If you charge for your event, our payment processing costs are met by a small booking fee, charged only to those customers paying by credit or debit card. There is no booking fee charged for using the system to issue tickets inhouse and record cash, cheque and complimentary ticket bookings for inventory management and accounting purposes.

    You can decide whether to have that booking fee presented as a separate item or absorbed either partially or completely into your ticket price.

45p + 2.5%
per ticket
card payment processing fee
50¢ + 2.5%
per ticket
card payment processing fee
79¢ + 2.5%
per ticket
card payment processing fee

Choice of Ticket Formats

Customers have a variety of different ticket delivery options available to them. Click on each option to find out more.

When customers book we email them an 'e-ticket' to print at home and bring to the event. You choose whether to treat that printout as a ticket in its own right or to exchange for your preferred ticket or entry pass format.

There is no charge to the event organiser to send mobile tickets and a fee of only £0.50 to customers choosing this option. Mobile tickets include the unique booking reference and barcode for you to validate or scan.

TicketSource offers a thermal ticket printing solution to event organisers and venues who want to be able to print thermal tickets in order to give customers their tickets at the box office, post out or hold for collection.

Customers who don't have access to a printer or mobile phone, or would like to gift tickets to someone else, can choose to have tickets dispatched directly from TicketSource by Standard Post for an additional £1.50.

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Ticket Validation Options

At the end of the booking period for each event you can print off your sales report which functions as a guest list or front of house checklist. This allows your door staff to validate e-tickets and mobile tickets by manually checking the customer name and unique booking reference. However we also offer several automated options for validating tickets by barcode scanner.

Full Control Of Event Listings Online 24/7

FREE telephone booking service lets
you fully OUTSOURCE your box office.

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Marketing & Promotional Tools

Report & Analysis Tools

E-ticket Customisation

Customise white-label e-tickets with your own branding

E-ticket Customization

Customise white-label e-tickets with your own branding

Customise eTickets with your own logo

Full details of event and seat allocation if applicable

Option to add your own terms and conditions

2D barcode for scanner validation plus booking reference for manual checking

Add event specific information and instructions

Map of venue location with eTicket link to Google Maps

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