THE GENERAL & THE HIGH SIGN - Buster Keaton silent films

1901 Arts Club, London, SE1 8UE
Thu 27th June 2019

  “Three men stole my General, I think they are deserters!” 

Now recognised as one of the greatest movies (silent or otherwise) ever made, The General (1926) tells the (mostly) true story of The Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. In the expert hands of Buster Keaton, however, real Civil War history becomes one of the greatest comedies Hollywood has ever produced.

Buster is also to thank for our introduction to the evening, The ‘High Sign’ (1921), in which our man (for comic purposes of course) unwittingly ends up as a hitman for an organised crime group. Enjoy!

Classified for exhibition within the London Borough of Lambeth area as U (The General contains mild comic violence)

Live piano accompaniment by MEG MORLEY.

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