Medea // Euripides - Robin Robertson's translation // Keble O'Reilly // 5th Week TT18

Set in a dystopian world, Jason has abandoned his wife, Medea, and their two children. He is remarrying the princess of the land, with the hope that this partnership will bring him security and prosperity. Medea, a barbarian, and now left alone is seen as a menace to the law and is threatened with banishment. Medea is not just a play about fidelity, family and revenge, but an inquiry into the psyche of those most marginalised by society. It is an exploration of the themes of identity and belonging, the politics of power and femininity, and a psychological examination of how anyone can be sufficiently inflamed by insult, loss and the threat of isolation to harm the people they most love. Featuring an all BAME cast and crew, Khameleon Productions present a modern adaptation of Euripides’ Tragedy, combining music with movement and spoken word to transform Robin Robertson’s translation into a celebration of culture and exploration of identity.

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