Age Alliance Wales Annual Conference 2019: Access All Areas?

Future Inn Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, CF10 4AU
Tue 16th July 2019
Reception from 9.00am - event begins at 9.30am

Age Alliance Wales members have, over past years, identified numerous difficulties older people and their carers face when attempting to access a range of services, including Local Authorities’ Social Services and GP appointments.
Alliance members have carried out extensive research into these matters, and assisted others in their aims to do so, resulting in a substantial body of evidence within a wide range of reports. The conference will consider the findings of such work, helping to set out the future direction of the Alliance and its members.
Guest speakers include Matt Jenkins of the Welsh Government’s Social Services & Integration Directorate, Dr. Victoria Winckler of the Bevan Foundation, Nick Selwyn & Euros Lake of the Wales Audit Office, and Katie Cooke of the “Measuring the Mountain” programme.

Google map static shot of Future Inn Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, CF10 4AU
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