As The Light Fades Events

A paranormal research group offering investigations and tours to the public.

Welcome to As The Light Fades Events, We are a events team that hosts and provides Ghost Tours and Hunts, History tours and access to a wide range of locations as the sun goes down. 

 We have teamed up with South Wales Outdoor Cinema to provide a unique experience where you can either join in or watch whilst on location. You have seen the programs now try it out live.

 All events will be Hosted by our experienced hosts Grace Dixon,  Gareth Mates, Darren Moore, Kirsty Moore and Ian Smith.

 Grace Dixon has had multiple years experience in providing tours with her work past and present for Cosmeston Medieval Village and a major Tour company in Cardiff. She has also worked alongside R.I.P. South Wales with aiding in the tours for their charity events. 

 Gareth Mates has over 15 years experience in Investigating the paranormal and has hosted numerous ghost tours and hunts for various charities and businesses over the years with his paranormal investigation team R.I.P. South Wales.

 Darren, Kirsty and Ian have years of experience operating events ranging from Outdoor cinemas to charity events and fairs.

 Together they bring there knowledge and experience to create and provide events that will entertain, excite and intrigue you.

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Forthcoming Events
The Savoy Theatre
Fri 26 Apr 2019, 9:00PM