Bleadon Players

30 Years of 'Farce'-ing About
An Evening of Three Short Plays
Play One
Baby-Sitting Calvin - Written by John H Newmeir 
Published and Licensed by Samuel French
Baby-Sitting a ten moth old, how hard can that be? Well Bob is about to find out. Babies, you see have been here before. And Calvin does not like the amorous Bob one little bit!

Play Two
What would Caesar Do? - Written by Louise Pople 
Performance granted to Bleadon Players by her kind permission.

Tim is a young man looking for that special someone and like many people today has turned to an internet dating service. Join him as he seeks true love in this very modern way.

Play Three
Impatience and Improbability - Written by Nic Dawson
Published and Licensed by Lazy Bee Scripts

Julia is the owner and manager of a small and struggling hotel near Bath. She is having an affair with Miles, a travel writer and believes that he will shortly leave his wife for her. Julia has spent the last of her capital on a refurbishment of the hotel and is trying to tap into the heritage holidays market by hosting a Jane Austen weekend.  With the help of her friend Roddy, a party planner. Julia and Miles are looking forward to weekend together and meeting the other guests.

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