Effectively control online ticket queues during peak times

Posted on Mon 5 February 2018 at 10.26PM
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Expecting a rush for your tickets? 

If you're anticipating an initial surge in demand for tickets for your forthcoming event, we can set up our Waiting Room, an effective online queue management system, to ensure that everyone gets through the booking process as smoothly as possible, avoiding customer disappointment.

How does the waiting room work?

With demand for tickets exceeding expectation, ticket buyers are automatically held in our online ticketing queue management system.


Each customer is kept fully informed of their current position in the queue and estimated waiting time. Upon reaching the front of the queue, they are able to smoothly proceed through to the booking process.

Why am I waiting in a queue?

In providing this simple communication whilst queuing, ticket buyers are able to enjoy a stress-free booking experience.

If you think your event ticketing might benefit from our queue management system "Waiting Room", let us know in advance and we can enable the feature for your event.

Free Online Ticketing System

Take advantage of our telephone box office service

Upon request, we can take booking calls from your customers wanting to buy tickets for your events.

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