Culture per Mile²: Our Search for the UK’s most Cultured City

Andrew Stuckey | Posted on Wed 12 June 2019 at 10.20AM
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There’s no doubt that the cities of the UK offer up some of the most diverse landmarks and attractions, but which city plays host to the most cultural attractions?

From theatres to museums in Bangor to Bath, the TicketSource team have trawled through thousands of attractions (6771 to be exact) to reveal the UK city with the most culture per square mile*.

The Perfect Destination for a Cultural Staycation
Out of the 68 cities* included in the study, Inverness was revealed to be the top destination for a cultural staycation with 11.26 cultural attractions per square mile.

Top 10 UK Cities with the MOST Culture per Mile²

The Search for the UK’s Most Cultural Region
Scotland tops the list, containing a grand total of 39.45 attractions for every square mile of the region.

Taking last place on the list with just 8.23 cultural elements per mile², is the North West, which is surprising considering Liverpool was crowned 2008’s European Capital of Culture.

Regional Culture Per Capita
Our study found Wales to be the region with the most culture per capita showcasing an incredible 1,043 attractions. This is eight times more than the East Midlands, which scored just 125, according to the study.

Cultural Attractions By Category

REVEALED: The Theatre Capitals of the UK

Outside of London’s West End, our survey found Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham to be the top three cities for theatre breaks.

If you’re planning a trip to the theatre then look North to Scotland and the North West, as these regions have been revealed as the best location for a theatre break, outside of London.

Green Fingered Leeds & Aberdeen TOP UK City for Garden Lovers
It’s a well-known fact that the more green spaces within a city can contribute to a more enjoyable experience all round. Leeds and Aberdeen came out at the top of the list for the cities with the most gardens, parks and green spaces, followed by Edinburgh and Manchester.

The UK’s Most ‘Green Fingered’ Regions
With 34 gardens, parks and green spaces, Scotland is the greenest region in the UK, followed by the South West. Surprisingly, the Welsh Valleys and the Northern Irish Mourne Mountains feature much lower down the list than we expected.

Education Nation
UK cities are packed full of museums, art galleries, historic sites and architectural buildings, so if you’re looking for some education on your vacation, we’ve revealed the top cities to travel to.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Edinburgh tops the list as the UK’s most educational city, followed by York and Glasgow, each featuring a varied selection of museums and art galleries.

The UK’s Most Educational Regions

There’s No Business Like Show Business: The Most Entertaining Cities in the UK Revealed
Grouping together the entertainment categories meant that our study was able to reveal the most entertaining city in the UK. Edinburgh came out on top, followed by Glasgow and Birmingham for the cities where you’re sure to find some belly-laughs.

The UK’s Most Entertaining Regions

Topping the list as the most entertaining region is Scotland, quickly followed by the North West. These chart-topping regions are home to an incredible 184 entertaining attractions.

*Excluding London, data from TripAdvisor, correct as of 23rd May 2019, culture per capita based on 100k people.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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