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Posted on Mon 20 February 2017 at 10.08AM
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Knowing where a customer first heard about an event is critical in helping you determine which marketing activities are working effectively in promoting your events.

Every customer who makes a booking with TicketSource's free event ticketing platform is given the opportunity to let event organisers know how they heard about the event.

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We've provided event organisers with the ability to supply and maintain their own list of referral options via the TicketSource account ("Settings | Events" menu option).

For example if you've paid for an advert in a local newspaper, you can add that to your list of referral options to see how people are finding out about your events. You will then be able to review which of your advertising channels is generating the best results. This knowledge can then inform your future marketing efforts.

screenshot of the Referral Options

screenshot of the referral source summary pie chart

The pie charts give you instant visual feedback on which of your marketing channels are the most successful.

What our customers say...

  • "Having used TicketSource since 2008, many of our audience members have commented on their professional yet personal approach. It is reassuring to know that ticketing for the Festival, both before and during its month-long run is in safe hands with TicketSource."

    Amy Brooks, Communications Officer at Everyman Theatre

  • "The team at TicketSource are always on hand to help when needed and the standard of customer service is outstanding. I would recommend working with TicketSource to any event organiser, and look forward to working with them on our future projects."

    Jason Venables, Event Planning Consultant

  • "TicketSource has made the booking experience easier, quicker and more professional for our customers - and it has certainly given us a flexibility we never had before. We would recommend the service to anyone running an event. We wish we had done so sooner!"

    Ross Friday, Event Organiser

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