5 Ways to Collect Valuable Data From Your Events

Posted on Fri 13 July 2018 at 4.03PM
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Collecting your event data gives you the insights you need in order to provide a great experience, and keep your customers coming back.

Collecting this data allows you to continually monitor the successes (and any shortcomings) of your events. Identifying key areas for improvement gives you the opportunity to be able to increase advance ticket sales for future events.

1. Ask questions at checkout

When customers are buying your tickets, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them questions if your event relies on such information. Think about whether you want to collect information from just the purchaser or all of the attendees? Don't bombard your customers though as they could be put off and decide not to buy. You don't want to add unnecessary barriers to the purchase process.

However, if you're offering food at your event, you will need to ask some important questions about allergies and food preferences. Or if you are organising a fun run, you may want to ask about any health issues you need to be aware of. If customers have committed to buying your tickets, a couple of carefully considered questions will help the event run more smoothly on the day.

With our Questionnaire Setting, you add questions to the booking process and gather valuable information, whilst you have the customer's attention.

2. Reporting tools & referral source

With our comprehensive reporting tools, you have a great deal of data at your fingertips. During the booking process, customers will have the opportunity to select how they heard about your event from a dropdown menu. You can customise the list of options, so if you have paid for an advert in the local newspaper, you can add that as an option for customers to choose. 

Their responses will be shown in the Referral Source Summary pie charts, giving you an insight into the bigger picture of how people are hearing about your events. You will then be able to use this knowledge to spend more resources on the referral sources that garner the most ticket purchases.

example of the Referral Source Summary pie charts

3. Track with analytics

If you're running paid advertisements online, you can track your booking conversions with analytics. This will allow you to see if your marketing spend is worth the investment or if it would be better used elsewhere.

4. Seek post-event feedback

Whenever customers book via TicketSource, they will be asked if they would like to join your marketing list. So if they have agreed to be contacted, you could choose to send them an email with a feedback survey following your event. This could be very valuable in collecting information about what your customers really thought of the event.

It's a great opportunity to ask them how you could improve the event, whilst it is still fresh in their minds. Their suggestions may not be feasible but they will most definitely provide you with some interesting points to digest for future events. You could even offer an incentive for completing the survey, such as a discount off their next booking.

5. Engage with your customers on social media

Building excitement on your social media networks is a great way to turn that early interest into advance ticket purchases. Using your unique ticket links in all your posts will generate a BOOK NOW link for customers to click and start selecting the tickets they want without having to trawl through listings pages.

example of the BOOK NOW button that displays

Setting up a Facebook event page would be an ideal place to start building excitement about your event. Posting regular updates with photos and video clips can help get potential customers excited about your event and hopefully they'll share it to their own profile pages to help spread the word. Remember to keep an eye out for what people are saying, are the comments positive or negative? Make sure you respond to all queries as it goes a long way to building confidence with customers to show that if they need to contact you, they will be able to get an answer. Using the Insights Tools within Facebook will enable you to see how people are engaging with your posts.

Get in touch to see how TicketSource can help make the most of your event data.

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