Q&A with Helen Conway, Performance and Engagement Executive Officer at Cardiff University School of Music

Andrew Stuckey | Posted on Wed 6 February 2019 at 11.10AM
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Cardiff University School of Music

Cardiff University School of Music is a community of around 300 students and staff, engaged in all aspects of music composition, performance and research. Helen Conway, Performance and Engagement Executive Officer, explains why TicketSource is their ticket-selling system of choice.

Why did the School of Music start using TicketSource?

When I started working at the School of Music twelve years ago, setting up online ticket-selling was one of the first things I wanted to do. We hold a series of lunchtime and evening concerts throughout the academic year, but there wasn’t a system in the university that enabled us to sell tickets online. I looked at the systems used by organisations and venues I respected, and discovered they were using TicketSource. I made the case to the Finance Director, who was convinced quite easily from a cost perspective. It was also nice to support a local start-up.

How is TicketSource helpful in running events?

I’ve not yet come across something it’s not able to do. You have complete control over your event listing – the text, pricing, venue information and seating plan. Flexibility is paramount. It’s also easy to extract reports and arrange refunds if an audience member has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Without fail, the funds are transferred to the university bank account the Monday after an event like clockwork. You don’t have to think about it.

What’s been your experience of TicketSource’s customer service?

I’ve been rescued at least twice! The support team noticed a discrepancy between the start time on the website and the time listed on the ticket, and rang up to ask if we realised. I was able to amend the time and head off any confusion.

Are your audience members happy with TicketSource?

I can say, 100%, that in all the years we’ve used TicketSource, we have not had a single complaint. Nobody has had any problems with the online or telephone tickets sales, which is evidence that it works for us and for our audiences. The system is outstanding and our customers are really happy, which makes our jobs a lot easier.

What would you say to an event organiser who’s thinking about using TicketSource?

Don’t think twice – signing up is so easy and you’re in control of all the data. TicketSource is just so painless and absolutely straightforward for us as an organisation and for the people who want to come to our events.

For more information about Cardiff University School of Music, visit www.cardiff.ac.uk/music

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