Boosting ticket sales with the discount features

Posted on Mon 30 January 2017 at 11.03AM
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You may be considering using the discount options to boost your ticket sales. With TicketSource, you can offer discounts in a number of ways.

Adding Discount Codes

Setting discount codes enables you to offer your customers a discount on their bookings. And who doesn't love a discount!

You can make them publicly available by posting the codes on your website and social media or you can make them private. By emailing previous customers the codes or sending them a promotional letter, you can ensure that only the people who receive the code will be able to get the discount.

Much like password protecting your events, keeping your discount codes private will enable you to only offer the price reduction to specific customers. For example, you may want to run a promotional campaign where you offer customers who booked for a previous event a discount off their next booking.

Discount codes can also be handy in tracking how people discover your events. For example if you put an advert in the local newspaper and the code is 'MAIL17', all the customers who use this code will be displayed in the Sales Report with 'MAIL17' next to their booking. This will enable you to see which of your promotions were the most successful, to guide you on where to spend your budget next time.

discount codes on your Sales Reports

Using Automatic Discounts

Adding automatic discounts allow you to apply a price reduction based on rules. The system will automatically add the discount you specify if a customer meets certain rules when booking. For example, 'buy three, get one free' or 'spend £50 and get a 10% discount'. When these conditions are met, the customer will automatically receive the discount at the checkout stage of the booking, they won't need to enter any codes to qualify. 

screenshot of the automatic discounts

Discounted price categories

Alternatively, you can create a separate price category on your events for VIPs, members of your theatre, parents of students at your school, season ticket holders... the list is endless. All you need to do is password protect your ticket category to ensure no inadvertent bookings from the general public go through.

If you want to use the membership function, simply upload or enter your customers' membership numbers and they will be prompted to enter this during the booking process. The system will recognise their number and they will then receive the membership discount rather than pay the full price. Find out how to add membership categories to your event listings.

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