You can now get wristband tickets for your event

Posted on Mon 27 June 2016 at 10.43AM
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Event organisers can now choose to have printed wristband tickets at their events!

They’re the perfect choice for festival ticketing and other outdoor events as they are strong and waterproof. No more soggy paper tickets! Conferences can also benefit from switching to wristband tickets, and can move away from the problems attendees have with getting tangled up in lanyard IDs swinging from their necks!

Our wristband tickets feature unique QR codes for secure and efficient entry management, eliminating the potential for fraudulent tickets. The strong adhesive closure with unique security die-cuts ensure that the wristbands can't be tampered with.

Where can I buy wristbands for an event? 

Currently only available to UK accounts, ticket buyers who choose the wristband ticket option pay a £1.75 delivery fee, regardless of the number of wristbands they buy.

Alternatively if you're organising an event where you would like to use wristbands as standard, get in touch, and we can work with you to enable you to only offer wristbands and absorb the cost.

If you're already signed up wristbands are turned off by default, so you can choose whether or not you want to enable this feature. To enable wristbands for your events, login and go to:

Settings | Tickets | General Settings

Your customers will then be able to select this option when buying their tickets, and we will dispatch the printed wristband tickets to them.

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