Get into ARTS! Festival - Illustration Workshop with Anne-Marie Conway

Chicken and Frog Bookshop, Brentwood, CM15 9AT
Sun 28th July 2019 2:00PM
Unicorn Girl Illustration Workshop with Anne-Marie Conway

This is a fun, interactive workshop that has children creating wonderful graffiti art – and discussing some of the issues that most of them will have experienced at some point (starting a new school, feeling left out, worrying about something happening in their family etc). The message of the workshop is positive; that everyone has obstacles they can overcome. It uses three of the book’s original black-and-white illustrations to explore Ariella’s journey from loneliness and uncertainty to confidence and inclusion.

About the book:

Unicorn Girl is a sensitive, heartfelt middle grade novel about a lonely girl, Ariella, and the friendship she builds with a lost unicorn, Albert. They are both outsiders. Ariella has moved to a new house and school - where she is being bullied - while at home, her parents are preoccupied with her baby brother, who has a life-threatening illness. Albert is also an outsider, because he has tumbled out of the magical world where he belongs. Over the course of the book, Ariella helps train him to jump the scary, high wall that will take him back to his home. As she trains him, she gains confidence that helps her break back into her own world.

For children aged 7+
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From 2:00PM to 3:00PM


Chicken and Frog Bookshop, Brentwood, CM15 9AT

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