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Hamlet as it Never Was

"Don't Blame it on the Boots"
"Easy Stages"
Written by Nick Warburton
Directed by Mike Dawes

How badly wrong can things go when an amateur dramatic society embarks on a production of "Hamlet"?

Perhaps not quite so badly if Eric had smaller feet and director Kate had not insisted
that he wore the same boots on stage that costume manager Liz’s father had worn at
Stratford. Or if Eric wasn’t the drama group’s prize flirt and Ophelia hadn’t been so

And certainly not so awry if stage manager Gerry had not insisted on a gigantic paper
chart to map every movement on set. Or the stage hands had not rushed on stage
before the end of a scene. Or if Nigel had not been canoodling with Hamlet’s

"Don’t Blame it on the Boots" and "Easy Stages" will tell you what the goings-on in
amateur dramatics may really be like!

"The Education of Skinny Spew" could broadly be described as a surreal, blackly comic
and politically satirical farce, managing to cross all these boundaries in under twenty-
five minutes. Are you ready for it?

So come and have a great evening out and support your local drama group!

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