A Night in November.

Craic Theatre & Arts Centre, Co Tyrone, BT714HP
Sat 14th September 2019
The 25th anniversary production of A Night in November. 
A Night in November tells the story of Kenneth McAllister, a clerk in the local welfare office. Kenneth is a Belfast Protestant who has followed all the rules. He loved who he was supposed to love. He lived where he was expected to live. He fought who he was taught to fight. That is, until one night -- a night in November -- when he did the most exciting, outrageous, crazy, mad thing he'd ever done.

Directed by Matthew McElhinney, this funny, passionate and heartbreaking show sees the actor Matthew Forsythe flex acting skills, seamlessly shifting through dozens of character

Google map static shot of Craic Theatre & Arts Centre, Co Tyrone, BT714HP
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