THE BASES PROJECT 2nd International Film Festival Conference

Friday, 31st July

10.30 am DOORS OPEN: Registration

11.00 am MILES JOHNSON of The Bases Project: Opening Comments

11.05 am MIRJAM JANSE: Grounding

11.15-12.30 pm DAVID HODRIEN: UFOs & The Music Industry
In this lively talk, Dave will reveal how the UFO subject has influenced music from the 1940s to the present day. He will cover a number of UFO themed bands, as well as many artists who have referred to UFOs and aliens in their songs. He will also provide details of actual encounters that musicians have experienced, and explain how these encounters have impacted on their musical output. With many audio clips, music videos and interviews, Dave promises his lecture will be both highly informative and great fun.


1.00 pm Beyond Apathy - 5.34 min Anna Bragga
Voices from the Gas Fields - 1 hr Ian R Crane
22 The Light Codes - 34.30 min Jergen Van Meeteren

2.45 pm Interval

3.00 pm Lake Drain - 1 hr 23 min Gerry Griffin
The Daisy Wheel Toruscope - 7 min Joanne Gray
RUSH - 1 hr Jane Clements, ECN

5.30 pm Interval

5.45 pm Fight for Justice - 5 min John Walson
Walk in Case - 18.29 min Sandra Daroy
Mind the Matrix - 2 hrs 13 min Christian Van Wijk
Street Eyes - 1 hr 15 min Ollie Marshall

Following the showing of ten film entries, clips of some of the submitted films will be shown on Saturday evening prior to the Presentation of
the Awards. The Awards are in three basic categories: Amateur, Semi- Professional and Professional.

The aim is to encourage and promote innovative film making in journalism, blogger, and documentary genres. It is hoped that this will be the start of a major independent sector, and stimulate demand for a credible independent film and documentary channel, available to the wider public.

9.45 pm CLOSE

Saturday, 1st August

08.45 am DOORS OPEN: Registration

09.00 am MILES JOHNSON: Welcome

09.10 am DANIELLE LA VERITE: Introduction by your host

09.15-10.15 am DAGANAC’H: The Divine Feminine – Humanity’s Next Step
Daganac’h is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, dedicated to helping humanity re- turn to Divine Natural Law and Order. In 1996, she initiated a Cosmic Conscious-ness Wave that was ‘seeded’ into humanity’s collective consciousness, intended to awaken open hearts from within and help them to recognize their inherent Divine nature. As an example of humanity’s Oneness, she explains that the way of the Divine Feminine is Love in all it facets: unconditional, inclusive, intuitive, gentle, effortless and joyful. It is also Justice, as in truth, karma and the law of reciprocity. Together they establish Balance (Way of Peace), moving in Divine Timing.

10.15-11.15 am SIMON MILES: The Whirling Wheels – Crop Circles, Communication and Contact with the Higher Mind
Just when it seems there is nothing more that could possibly be said on the crop circle affair, during the last few years a particular sequence of crop circles has yielded some remarkable insights. Simon has found something alarming, never revealed until now. He will explain that a series of higher order patterns have been detected which are extremely challenging, regardless of physical construction. This goes way past the debate over how individual circles, real and ‘fake’, have been made. He will present entirely new material with highly provocative implications for the true origin and purpose of at least some of the most prominent crop circles.

11.15 am Coffee Break

11.45-1.00 pm DR EMMA TH R SE LEWIS: Integrating Experience – Humanity’s Gateway As society’s structures and organisations are increasingly confirmed by independent researchers, whistle-blowers and direct experience, as hostile to natural development, individuals face the challenge of how to recover and integrate emerging experiences,
memories and information. This challenges our conditioned perceptions of identity, status and relationship and often our very sense of self. Emma considers that all of our experienc- es can be assimilated, embodied and expressed – including trauma and unconventional consciousness states. She discusses the natural processes of develop-ment and healing available to us all; the underlying principles of Nature that inform the matrix of life and can allow us to navigate and re-orient our ground of existence as we participate in the unfold- ing cosmic pattern.

1.00-2.30 pm Lunch

2.30-3.45 pm MARIA WHEATLEy: Sacred Sites, Mysteries & Power
Maria takes us on an exciting megalithic journey, exploring power places such as Stone- henge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, and the Rollrights. These spiritual capitals incorporated powerful earth energies and astronomical alignments, which produce para-terrestrial events such as form manifestation, as witnessed at the Rollright Ring. Since the dawn of time, geomancers have utilised the Earth’s hidden colours and frequencies to spiritualise their constructs. This knowledge was handed down to the Knights Templar and the Free- masons. She explores certain initiation rites that gave them esoteric authority and look at the real meaning behind the Throne Room. From Stonehenge to the Royal House of the Hapsbergs’, we find that the Earth’s grids, energies and harmonic colours are ever-present. More importantly, we too can become empowered by Earth’s hidden forces granting us strength, longevity and profound wisdom. Earth energy is for all of Gaia’s children, not just the select few.

3.45-5.00 pm HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA: Falling to Transhumanism – How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assimilates its Creators
The assimilation of humanity by an AI is not Sci-Fi, about to overrun us in our near or far future. Its history began when a swarm of ‘Black Goo’ containing meteorites approached our solar system around 80,000 years ago. The assimilation itself started with technical telepathy cultivated in black magic traditions, to the point where these rites took over control on a political level, changing our way of being. In educational and social engineering terms, our bio-field moved from trinary, nonlinear structures (irrational, emotional, loving and full of empathy), to binary, linear structures (ego-centered, rational and logical). This was the state of mind the AI needed for us to seed the technology, so that should spread over the planet. Using the scalar-back-end of the hardware as a new host for itself, this creates the technological infrastructure needed to fully turn us into bio- robots. The Matrix is real. Watch your bio-photons!

5.00 pm Tea Break

5.30-6.30 pm Special Guest Speaker – DR ROBERT DUNCAN: Human Augmentation. Engineering evolution for mankind.
Dr Robert Duncan will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday, with two different presentations. His lectures focus on his research interests which include creating Manchurian Candidates and Super Spies using cybernetic hive minds as well as no-touch torture tactics. He exposes the mind control research atrocities being done on the human race in order to improve government techniques.


Film Trophy design by Dutch artist Mirjam Janse

Sunday, 2nd August

09.00 am DOORS OPEN: Registration

09.30-10.30 am MIRJAM JANSE: Dare to Fly – Reconnecting to our Ability to Heal Ourselves and the World
Mirjam combines her gifts as a Healer, Clairvoyant, Transformational Coach and Visual Artist, which results in an original way of working and speaking. She has an intuitive understanding of how our thoughts and experiences are related, and invites us to stretch our notions on crop circles, death, space and healing energies. She courageously connects Aliens to frequencies in our human bodies, our thoughts to our healing powers. With an aura of enthusiasm and lightness, she is a true guide for people who intend to change their life profoundly.

10.30-11.30 am DOLLIE INDIGOSTAR: Star Children
Dollie introduces Star children from her own experience of working with Starseeds all over the globe. She will enlighten us on who are the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Golden children. What messages do they bring that are relevant today?

11.30 am Coffee Break

12.00-1.00 pm DAVID SHAyLER: Love is the Law of this Land
The Common Law, ‘Do as you would be done by’ is our right to the land, declared simply in the Magna Carta of 1215 and by King Alfred the Great in 871 AD. David explains the significance of Runnymede eco-village, a stones throw away from the Great Charter monument which had a legal but not lawful eviction notice served in 2015, on 15th June (the same day as the Charter). The village is celebrating three years of existence in the woods as a sustainable community, where the diggers defended human rights in 1649. ‘What say the reeds at Runnymede? …you mustn’t sell, delay, deny/A freeman’s right or liberty.’ (Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936)

1.00-2.30 pm Lunch

2.30-3.30 PM GRAHAM HARVEy: The Dangers of Agriculture
There must be a better way of producing food, you may think. Well there is. It’s called eco- logical agriculture or agro-ecology, which is just a fancy way of saying farming according to biological laws or making soils work properly. This is what a growing number of world scientists are proposing, including the 400 or so who contributed to the World Bank funded IAASTD report in 2008. The issues involving agriculture are explained, a predatory source killing us softly.

3.30-5.00 pm MAX SPIERS & SARAH R ADAMS: ‘AI’ Interface with the Controlling Elite
Max is connected to multiple mind control (MK) projects and has an in-depth understand- ing into the world of MK, having spent the last 15 years looking into what really happened to him from a very young age, and the codex that pulls all this together. In 2008, just after turning 30, he went through a series of bizarre and frightening events, which some call ‘alter bleed through’.

Fully awakened as a young child, Sarah remembers the higher realms and choosing to come to Earth. Having had a difficult childhood, she knows how to personally over-come challenges and obstacles to strengthen one’s soul energy. There are different ways such as energy healing and the removal of psychic attachments to bring soul alignment; a full body energy healing delves into the very subtle energy grids of the soul. She invites each of us to open our hearts to humour, love and self-acceptance. Max and Sarah will share their stories and answer questions from the audience.

5.00 pm Tea Break

5.30-6.30 pm DR ROBERT DUNCAN: Cybernetics. Intelligent systems of control.

6.30-7.30 pm SPEAKERS’ FORUM: Questions & Answers

Programme subject to change on the day.

St John's Marlborough, Theatre on the Hill, Marlborough on Friday 31 July 2015
Starts at 10:30AM
Ticket Price: £40.00 - £150.00