Magic Realism: Fiction and Dream: a Workshop for Adults with Alan Bilton

As a style of writing, Magic Realism attempts to marry the impossible and the believable, to make the fantastical concrete, constructing dream worlds capable of taking the reader's weight. The workshop looks at the roots of Magic realism in myth and fantasy, exploring the Surrealist love of dreams and the 'marvelous', and touching upon Freudian notions of daydream, anxiety, and the unconscious. Drawing on examples from Latin America, Central Europe, and closer to home in Wales, the session explores what happens when realistic fiction is invaded by the strange and uncanny, creating feelings of disquiet, dread, or awe. Kafka teaches us that the absurd must be rendered as a tangible presence if it is truly to disturb: the workshop thus explores ways in which such mysteries can be incorporated into one's own writing and creative imagination. 

Alan Bilton teaches literature, film and creative writing at Swansea University. He is the author of two novels- both part slapstick comedy and part surreal anxiety dream- The Known and Unknown Sea (Cillian Press, 2014) and The Sleepwalkers' Ball (Alcemi, 2009). His new collection of short stories, Anywhere out of the World, will be published by Cillian Press in July.

Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea on Saturday 23 July 2016
From 10:00AM to 12:30PM
Ticket Price: 1.60 - 5.00*
*booking fee applies