Comprehensive Education - No Return to Selection!

It is fifty years since the DfE's Circular 10/66 that opened the gates to comprehensive schools enabling all their pupils access to progressive, intelligent, inclusive education. For the first time in their history, local authorities were strongly encouraged to try to address the educational needs of all their young residents, instead of just fast-tracking a selected minority. Should this year be a celebration or have selection, privatisation and micromanagement succeeded in turning back the clock for the (unequal) majority?

Speakers will include: Melissa Benn, Roy Perry, Jo Bartley, Kevin Courtney, Richy Thomson, Anne West.

Mander Hall, Hamilton House, London on Saturday 12 November 2016
Doors Open at 9:45AM
Starts at 10:30AM
Ticket Price: 27.50 - 30.00