Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash was formed by West Country musicians Martin Turner and SteveUpton, who arrived in London in 1969 to embark on their musical journey.Intent on creating a musical sound that was rich in texture and melody, MartinTurner envisaged the band’s innovative harmony-guitar hallmark and guitaristsTed Turner and Andy Powell were recruited via a now legendary Melody Makeradvert. The partnership of the original line-up of Wishbone Ash forged a uniquemusical identity that would produce some of rock music's best loved works andinfluence numerous successful bands and result in millions of album sales andconcert attendances. Wishbone Ash would become one of the most enduringand best loved British rock acts and its name synonymous with high qualityguitar-driven melodic rock music.

Over four decades later, the enduring music of the classic marks of WishboneAsh continues to delight audiences worldwide through both live performancesand a rich legacy of recorded work that continues to be enjoyed by fans old andnew. Classic album releases such as Argus, Pilgrimage, There’s the Rub, NewEngland and Live Dates defined the Wishbone Ash sound and have touched thehearts of several generations of music fans. As lead vocalist and key creativeforce, founding original member Martin Turner was central to the critical andcommercial success of Wishbone Ash’s most revered albums, with hispassionate vocal delivery, songwriting ability, keen melodic sense and

production values being key ingredients in the definitive Wishbone Ash sound.Martin Turner continues to perform the band’s best loved works with hiscurrent line-up, which features guitarists Danny Willson and Misha Nikolic, anddrummer Tim Brown.

In recent years Martin Turner has delighted audiences worldwide with itsperformances of material from the classic periods of Wishbone Ash’s history,with concert appearances in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway,Holland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, the USA and Canada.Performances have been captured on a series of acclaimed live CD and DVDreleases. Martin Turner looks back fondly on his touring activities since hisreturn to the live stage: “I have had a wonderful time over the past few years re-discovering the wider Wishbone Ash catalogue and taking this to the people.When I go to see an artist live, I want to hear the songs as I remember themfrom the records and I believe that is true of the Wishbone Ash audience too.”

2015 saw Martin Turner and his band moving forwards with new original studiomaterial for the critically acclaimed and award-winning Written in the Starsalbum (What’s On magazine ‘Album of the Year’ 2015), which was followed by abusy period of touring during which a live 2CD/DVD The Beauty of Chaos - Liveat the Citadel was recorded in St. Helens for release in Spring 2017.

The Beauty of Chaos - Live Dates 2017 tour will feature classic album tracks andstage favourites from the extensive Wishbone Ash repertoire, as well as newmusic that remains true to the original Wishbone Ash blueprint.

Pigs Nose Inn, Devon on Saturday 6 May 2017
Doors Open at 8:00PM
Starts at 9:00PM
Ticket Price: £15.00 - £17.00*
*booking fee applies