FRANKIE & JOHNNY **tickets available on the door**

Frank,funny and undeniably romantic, Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune follows a cook and a waitress as they search for their happy-ever-after. 

Twolonely, middle-aged people meet at work; after six weeks they musterup the courage to go on a date which ends with them tumbling into bed.  Open-hearted Johnny is convinced he's met his destiny and declares his love for Frankie, but she just wants to be alone with her nightly ritual of watching television and eating ice cream. She asks him to leave, he refuses to go. 

Both characters have been bruised and toughened by life, but as the moonlit night unfolds, the incessant talker Johnny makes heartfelt attempts to tear down Frankie's armour.  Can they live without eachother when the new day begins?   This provocative comedy drama is a touching, modern fairytale for midlife lovers.

Part of the play's appeal is that it focuses on two ordinary people. They're in dead end jobs, they're not much to look at,but they're survivors who after dealing with everything life has thrown at them, still have the strength, humour and optimism to carryon in the hope of finding a happy ending.

Performed by Neil Rudd & Debbie Hadley.

Contains brief nudity & adult themes.  Age recommendation 16+

An amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinburger Ltd

THE SPACE, ILFRACOMBE on Friday 3 November 2017
Starts at 7:45PM
Ticket Price: 8.00 - 10.00*
*booking fee applies