Anda Union (from Inner Mongolia)

Back by popular demand - Anda Union stunned the audience at Vic Hall when they last came.

Anda Union's thoroughly addictive combination of Mongolian musical styles is a reflection of their roots. Hailing from differing ethnic nomadic cultures the nine strong band unite tribal and music traditions from all over Inner Mongolia. Anda Union bring a wide range of musical instruments and vocal styles together in a fusion that Genghis Khan himself would have been proud of. Keenly aware of the threat to the Grasslands and their age old Mongolian culture, Anda Union are driven by their fight for the survival of this endangered way of life, by keeping the essence of the music alive.

        Anda Union all trained in traditional Mongolian music from a young age, many coming from musical families. They are part of a musical movement that is finding inspiration in old and forgotten songs. As a group they hold on to the essence of Mongolian music whilst creating a form of music that is new. Anda Union combine different traditions and styles of Mongolian music, developing an innovation previously unheard of.      

Settle Victoria Hall, Settle on Saturday 19 May 2018
Doors Open at 7:15PM
Starts at 8:00PM
Ticket Price: 14.50*
*booking fee applies
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