International Business Training: Export Documents

Poor understanding of international trade procedures often costs time, money and even heavy fines. Over 65% of companies attend training courses because of issues with export documents compliance. 

This one day export documents course explains all the key requirements when shipping products globally. The content is updated to keep up with the latest industry developments. Key elements of the course can be easily implemented into most business systems, increasing the chances of reducing costs and increasing sales.

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Note: For companies registering more than one attendee a 10%-15% discount will be applied on additional attendees.

Training Grant
This is one of our courses eligible for government funding, find out more here. Here's how it works - the scheme is only available until 5 April 2019:
1. Choose a course:
  1. International Business Training: Export Documents - 21 May 2019
  2. International Business Training: Letters of Credit for Exporters - 8 October 2019
  3. International Business Training: Export Documents - 6 Nov 2019
2. Register and apply for a grant here.
3. Receive confirmation of your grant in writing.
4. Before you claim, book and pay for the training.
5. Submit your claim (payment will be received within 30 days of submission).

London Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), London on Tuesday 21 May 2019
Registration at 9:00AM
From 9:30AM to 4:30PM
Place Price (inclusive of VAT): 300.00 - 414.00
Events Team: 0207 203 1833
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