HWC End Sex for Rent Campaign Launch

Attendance open to Housing Women Cymru members and invited guests

Housing Women Cymru is working with Katie Howells and Dawn Bowden AM, and with partners Tai Pawb and Shelter Cymru, to raise awareness of and tackle the growing issue of Sex for Rent. 

Benefit changes, increasing levels of poverty and homelessness, and a housing system that doesn't work for everyone is the context for an increasing number of men offering accommodation in return for sex and a growing number of people, and particularly women, who have few options to keep a roof over their heads considering this option. At the same time, social media platforms make this illegal practice easier to offer and access. 

The campaign will run for a week starting on the 3rd December to raise awareness of the issue, the context and in particular its illegality. Come along to find out more about  and get involved in the campaign.

Soar Theatre, Merthyr Tydfil on Monday 3 December 2018
Admission time at 1:00PM
Starts at 1:00PM
Ticket Price: 0.00