ROH Live: La Traviata (12A)

From the thrill of unexpected romance toa heart breaking reconciliation that comestoo late – Verdi’s La traviata is one of the most popular of all operas.

Alfredo falls in love in with the courtesan Violetta in glamorous Paris society, but underneath the surface run darker undercurrents, leadingto a tragic ending. The opera’s wealth of melodies includes the famous Brindisiand the exuberant ‘Sempre libera’ – both showing the lyricism of Italian opera atits most immediately appealing.

Richard Eyre’s production for The Royal Opera brings out all the emotional colour, fromthe giddy discovery of love, through painfu lconfrontation to the inevitable conclusion. Lavish period sets and costumes enhance the reality of a moving story based on true life.


The Fullarton, Castle Douglas on Wednesday 30 January 2019
Starts at 6:45PM
Ticket Price: 10.00 - 15.00*
*booking fee applies