Eggs is a dark comedy based on friendship, fertility, and freaking out.  The play delves into the underlying issues around gender identity, roles, and disparity from systemic societal pressures. The themes in the play have a great deal to say about the world we live in, and the effects our neoliberal society has on young people growing up today.
Eggs follows two women, leading very different lives, the only thing uniting them is their struggle against society’s expectations. This is a story about young women trying to figure out who they are, how to exist and who to be. In the end, it is friendship, however flawed, which rescues those women from utter alienation.

The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre, Lancashire on Friday 12 April 2019
From 7:30PM to 8:30PM
Ticket Price: £10.00 - £12.00
Box Office: 0161 2829776
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