WORKSHOP: Beginners' Tap with Dolly Trolley

Tap dance has origins from around the globe, the specifics of which are still disputed by historians, and continues to take on influences as it moves across the world. Tap experienced particular rises in the Vaudeville circuit and on early 1900s Broadway stages, and is now a contemporary art form being used in more ways than just tailcoats and flapper dresses (but still, who doesn’t love a bit of Fred & Ginger?)

This workshop is fit for absolute beginners. You’ll learn some basic steps and get an introduction to the posture, placement, movement and musicality required for tap. To one of Dolly’s favourite tracks, you’ll learn a short, contemporary and funky routine with your new tap techniques and some opportunities to ooze sass, sexiness and any other vibes you wish to exude.

Dolly is one of London’s most versatile queens, known for her high-energy and ludicrous parodies that concoct lipsync, dance and burlesque.

Tap shoes not required! A shoe with a hard-sole is best and leave the stilettos at home. Dress the rest of your body comfortably.

Tap shoes not required.

PLEASE BRING/ WEAR: flat (and ideally hard-soled) shoes
The Salem Centre, Hebden Bridge on Sunday 5 May 2019
Doors Open at 10:45AM
From 11:00AM to 12:30PM
Ticket Price: 15.00*
*booking fee applies
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