The Red Heroine (Cert. PG)

The oldest surviving Chinese martial arts film, featuring Fan Xuepeng – one of the first stars of the genre and an influential figure in the Chinese film industry who went on to establish her own production company.  The ever-popular sword-and-sorcery’s classic story structure of an innocent wronged by a villain, trained by a master, and returning to seek vengeance is all here.

The occasionally clunky contemporary English translation of the intertitles, the fantastically pronounced teeth of the pantomime villain and the low-rent harem are all part of the fun, but the pay-off is a satisfying finale in which the Red Heroine shows everyone who’s boss.

Dir. Wen Yimin | China | 1929 | N/C PG | b&w | Chinese & English intertitles | 1h 34m
With: Fan Xuepeng, Wang Chuqin, Zhu Shaoquan, Zhao Taishan, Qu Yifeng
Performing live: John Sweeney & Frank Bockius (piano, percussion)

Screening material courtesy of the China Film Archive

Supported by the Confucius Institute for Scotland
Hippodrome Cinema, Bo'ness on Saturday 23 March 2019
Doors Open at 3:00PM
Starts at 3:30PM
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