Talinka is a musical attempt to defy the boundaries between styles and genres. It is where folk, early music, jazz and tango merge into simplicity, harmony and warmth.

Tali Atzmon had a starry career as actress and singer in Israel until she became a mother. Since then freelance photography and filmmaking have given her time to bring up her family and retain an involvement in the arts. Now she is returning to the stage with an unusual band which gives her and Gilad Atzmon an opportunity to explore areas of music-making distinct from what we might normally associate with Gilad. He has, however, arranged the music, produced the album and added a very individual baroque musician to the group to give it a distinctive sound.
The band includes the sensually warm and velvety sound of vocalist Tali Atzmon. The mesmerising and globally renowned Yaron Stavi on Double Bass. The uniquely gifted multi- instrumentalist Jenny Bliss Bennett on Viola De Gamba, Violin, flute and voice. The internationally acclaimed and multi-talented Gilad atzmon on Bass Clarinet, Accordion and Soprano Sax.
A Fougou Music presentation.
“Talinka – such an evocative name – wittily appropriate for this intimate set so sensitively arranged around Tali’s straight from the heart, true and soulful voice. Since hearing Ms. Atzmon’s discrete contributions to records by Gilad and friends, I’ve long wished she would make a record revealing her own deeply personal approach to music , and here, at last, is that record.” Robert Wyatt
“Every now and again you come across a jazz album which dispenses with all the usual features and starts afresh: instrumentation, form, melody, harmony and soloing protocols are all reworked here with simplicity, depth and maturity.” Sarah Chaplin, London Jazz News
“Keening, remorseful music, but full of beauty.” Peter Jones, Bebop Spoken Here
“Everything a good album should be.” Sammy Stein, Kind of Jazz Magazine
Palace Theatre, Paignton on Friday 17 May 2019
Doors Open at 7:00PM
Starts at 7:30PM
Individual Ticket Price: 11.00 - 13.00*
Group Ticket Price: 45.00*
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