LonDADA is the world’s first Dada festival, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dadaism.

Exactly 100 years ago, on June 23 1916, Hugo Ball performed his seminal Dadaist poem “Karawane” at the Cabaret Voltaire. Since then, Dada has influenced every conceivable art form, from surrealism to punk rock.

Come celebrate the Dada legacy in style with films, music, theatre, poetry and Brian Blessed!

JOIN us at the beautiful historic Cinema Museum in south London, built in the workhouse where Charlie Chaplin was sent as a child

WATCH an animated recital of "Karawane" by Brian Blessed, actor, adventurer, raconteur, legend

SEE "Ghosts Before Breakfast", Hans Richter's seminal 1928 short film, projected on 35mm with a brand new live score performed by Austrian composer Vinzenz Stergin

WITNESS theatre duo Desperate Men perform their Dada masterpiece "Slapstick & Slaughter"

ENJOY "Germany DADA: An Alphabet of German Dadaism", the 1968 documentary by Helmut Herbst screening in the UK for the first time, with an exclusive introduction from the director

EXPERIENCE the music of David Goo, Pig With The Face Of A Boy and woodwind quintet Pénte

...and much, much more. 

Food! Drink! Clown! Masks! Poetry! Handbags!

We will also be showing a programme of experimental, surreal and Dadaist shorts on a loop, featuring films by Helmut Herbst, Francis Thompson, John Smith and Bob Georgeson, throughout the afternoon and evening.

Main Event: Doors at 6pm, Event at 6:30pm £15 (includes Short Film Programme)

Short Film Programme: 1pm - 6pm £5

The Cinema Museum, (off Renfrew Road) on Thursday 23 June 2016
Doors Open at 6:00PM
Starts at 6:30PM