THE PAIN OF OTHERS (2018) - Presented by Wavelength

Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
Wed 19th June 2019 8:40PM
The Pain of Others | Dir: Penny Lane | 2018 | USA | 71 mins
Medical experts have no explanation for Morgellons disease, an illness that causes its sufferers to experience crawling sensations under the skin, itches, sores and threads that grow out of the skin. Specialists dismiss it as psychosomatic, labelling it a delusion or 'google-chrondria'. Composed of often emotionally-charged excerpts of videos made by patients sharing their experiences online, The Pain of Others explores self-diagnosis, unnecessary medicalisation and mass psychosis, retaining an empathy towards its subjects.
With thanks to Dan Schoenbrun and Penny Lane
Presented by Wavelength
T: @wavelengthdocs
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Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ

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