Dogs Country Club

At Dogs Country Club we run a very unique multipurpose facility for dogs. Here at Dogs Country Club we are passionate about all animals especially dogs and we understand how important your canine friend is to you. With our large facilities, Dogs Country Club are a leading dog service provider in the North West.  We have created a unique set up; a single place offering a whole array of doggy services. We  bring together individuals all highly skilled and experienced in their own area of pet care and let them work together in order to bring you the very best in both quality and variety all in one great location.

" Secure Field Hire, Dog TrainingPuppy Club, Dog Socisalization, Breed Meets Up,  Play SessionsDoggy Day Care, Home Boarding, Events, Dog Workshops, Seminars, Dock Diving Club, Agility Club, Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme"

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