Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Rd.

My car got burned up. I left it parked outside the softball field right before the Girls’ Reform School won the regionals. They torched it and rolled it down the hill. Then they used it to light their cigarettes the rest of the night.

– Well, it’s nice they won. 

Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Rd. is an exhilarating comedy with a heart of gold, written by Keith Stevenson and directed by Harry Burton.

Mitchell answers an ad for a roommate and finds himself in a backwoods West Virginia motel with JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbours – curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-headed beau, Tommy – have all but taken over the tiny room. Mitchell finds himself in a hopeless predicament. Hopeless – but for the power of dance…?

The play won unanimous critical acclaim and a devoted cult following when it opened in L.A. in 2012. The audience so loved the delirious characters that two sequels followed. Now London theatre-goers have the opportunity to share in the joy of this cock-eyed comedy of crazy Americana at its European premiere.

Cast: Keith Stevenson, Robert Moloney, Dan Hildebrand, Michael Wade and Melanie Gray.

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