Seasons Greetings

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Kath Ashworth

Set over 4 days atChristmas, Alan Ayckbourn’s play is a classic black comedy of misunderstandings, misplaced passion and mistaken identity.

It’s Christmas at Belinda and Neville’s house and family and friends are due over for a traditional celebration. From Bernard, with his traditional puppet shows, toretired security guard uncle Harvey, to new arrival Clive the house becomes ahotbed of deceipt and lust with emotions riding high.

With everything collapsing around them, Belinda and Neville carry on. An hilarious play with situations and characters that will be familiar to all audiences.

The cast:
Harvey - Barry Ashworth
Bernard - Chris Sherburn
Clive - Keiron Garlick
Neville - Ryan Norse
Eddie - Matthew Kellie
Belinda - Cassandra Moon
Patti - Jacqueline Green
Phyllis - Victoria Armstrong
Rachel - Lynn Grimshaw.

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