My Boy Jack by David Haig

1913 and war with Germany is imminent. Rudyard Kipling, one of Great Britain's most beloved story-tellers and staunch imperialist is determined to help his only son to enlist. John, who suffers from extreme myopia, and already three-times rejected from service, is equally determined to escape his father’s shadow. 

Rudyard's fame gains his son a commission into the Irish Guards, and John gladly sets off to war.

John is reported missing in action after the crushing defeat of the British Army at the battle of Loos, and the Kipling family begin a tireless and devastating search for answers where Rudyard's passion for his children comes into conflict with his devotion to King and Country.

"If any question why we died. Tell them, because our Fathers lied"  Rudyard Kipling 1919

Please note contains scenes with strong language

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