Have You Heard About Guy?

Set in a dingy two-bed flat in London, Have You Heard About Guy? is the story of Frank and George, two struggling actresses living in a pre-#MeToo world. Francesca, or Frank, is the upper-class daughter of acting royalty who is trapped between her own inertia and her desire to make it on her own without relying on her family name. Georgia, or George, is the daughter of Mike the mechanic and Dawn who helps out at the local nursery. Passionate, hard-working, and driven, George will do anything it takes to make it as an actress - regardless of her own personal health and safety. As they suffer through humiliating commercial auditions, sleazy industry professionals, empty bank accounts, family pressures, and the toll that jealousy and bitterness is taking on their own relationship, their straight white male middle-class drama school peer Guy is enjoying a meteoric rise to success.

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