"Why Art?"
An 80’s themed play that explores the importance of art and especially dancing!  Performance devised by Expressive Edge Theatre company and told through movement, improvisation, nostalgic music and poetry. Inspired by the film Footloose.
Expressive Edge Theatre Company has been running since 2011. The company is led by drama specialist Nikki Mailer and every week learning disabled actors attend drama sessions at the Edge. The sessions have been designed to develop the participants' skills and confidence and include theatre games to develop speaking and listening, working in a group, concentration, focusing and having fun; improvisation to develop creativity, spontaneity and imagination; devising to develop planning and thinking skills ; and performances to develop presentation skills, confidence and self esteem and to give participants a platform to talk about what matters to them. Tea and biscuits provide the opportunity for social interaction too!
The company put on two shows a year, working with Nikki at all stages of the productions from devising the plots to delivering the performance.

Forthcoming Dates
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