PLOS Presents "Cinderella"

Kindheart, the trainee Fairy Godmother has one last chance to make dreams come true and sets out to help poor Cinderella who lives with her father, the penniless Baron, her two ugly step sisters, Fifi and Fru-Fru and her horrible step mother, the Baroness. Made to do all the chores, Cinderella’s only comfort is her best friend Buttons.

But everything changes after Fairy Kindheart arranges for Cinderella to meet a dashingly handsome Prince in the forest. But without knowing her name or address will the Prince ever be able to find her again? Will the Baroness and the ugly sisters thwart all attempts for the two to be together or can Buttons, Fairy Kindheart and a whole host of woodland creatures help create a bit of magic so that true love can win the day?

Another fun-packed, traditional family pantomime from PLOS featuring songs from some of our favourite previous
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