Acts of Deceit

We are putting together an evening of 3 short plays all with a common central theme, the clue is in the title, “Acts of Deceit”. Three different directors with three different casts tackling three very different playwrights and works… Some are laugh out loud funny, some more thought provoking but all are very entertaining.

Interior Designs by Jimmy Chinn. Three very different women all have the same problem, they are single and need a handyman to help with odd jobs around the house. They find “him” and he fixes and mends and decorates, but is that enough? The outcome is a fascinating and wry look at relationships.

Cupboard Love by Jean McConnell. Two joggers meet up to swap culinary tips and a little gossip. But it turns out their cookery skills may result in them being closer than they think.

Gosforth’s Fete by Alan Ayckbourn. There is a fete, a vicar, a councillor, a scout leader, a brownie pack leader, teas in the tea tent, malfunctioning equipment, too much sherry, a storm and of course Gosforth himself at the centre trying to keep the whole thing together. A classic and hilarious short farce.
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