Interactive Bingo Night

Guildford Fringe Festival.
Bingo is a tough game that requires concentration and a great deal of skill. A momentary lapse of concentration could lose you that top-prize you desire so completely. Worse still you could make a false call Ė and find yourself on the end of a twitter hate campaign. While youíre busy winning prizes Jes is using Bingo to reconcile the universe and all its components. Jes provides a few top prizes but the audience brings one each too (all audience must bring a prize with them, something fun or silly!). If your prize is rubbish Jes can help you find the culprit and get the receipt for a return to Poundland. Every one will be a winner but some will continue to be losers.

In a Sky Arts review (2009) of Jesís performance on the 4th Plinth Clive Anderson described him as the most interactive plinther. In a bid to maximise profit Jes will occupy an even smaller space. The show is back for one night only (sequels excluded).

You will win a prize. You might enjoy the show. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and the whole audience will laugh at you.

Oh yes, all proceeds must go to charity.
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