Loverís Vows by Elizabeth Inchbald

Loverís Vows is the play which causes such havoc among the young people of Jane Austenís Mansfield Park. In the year which marks the 200th anniversary of Austenís novel, Artifice present their own production of the play. Characteristically Ė Mrs Inchbald was not one to pull her punches Ė the play was controversial at the time, dealing with betrayal, illegitimacy, class prejudices and, of course, love. The play will be of interest to anyone interested in Austen: Janeites, book groups, general readers, students, teachers, and lovers of theatrical curiosities. The latest addition to Artificeís repertoire of classical plays, Loverís Vows will be appearing in beautiful places over the Summer, including at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.
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