One in the Ink

Introducing One In The Ink, a contemporary art exhibition showcasing working illustrators closely linked to Guildford Town.

Transforming the Back Room at The Star into a vibrant space to enter into the minds of Roshan Abeysekera, Mhairi- Stella, Spilt Milk and Mr Gordo you will be sure to come away feeling like you have seen something incredibly unique and exciting.

These chosen artists will have their original work on display, and will be accompanied by live art and acoustic sets throughout the day. In the evening the after party will be kick started by an auction, with a chance for everyone to win a collectable at a bargain price, closely followed by live music to finish your day of discovery.

Whatever your views on contemporary art or gallery spaces, be ready to leave them at the door. There will be no lifeless walls, no awkwardly silent rooms, no overly priced entry fees and no conceptual art that you pretend to understand; the artists and organisers at One In The Ink encourage guests to engage with the artists and ask questions about their work.

Hoping to impact Guildfordís connection with contemporary art, One In The Ink wants to change the view that it is necessary to travel into London to see new and exciting artwork, rather, youíll find it right here on your door

OITI formed to encourage people not to buy generic pieces of overpriced work, but instead to invest in a unique piece directly from local talent at an affordable price. Whether or not you leave with any physical evidence on Saturday 26th July 2014, you will certainly be left feeling inspired, knowing you were part of something truly unique.
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