Conversations with Barbara (Play, New Writing)

Tracey Skegley: an actress whose career has reached a cul-de-sac. She reluctantly takes up a job as a cleaner for an upmarket elderly couple who live in a cottage in the woods. Somewhere between dry mopping floors and washing 'smalls' with Sunlight Soap, she finds herself immersed in the strangest set of roles she's ever played. Lady's companion; champion of squirrels; attendant to a drunken gardener, a dog that won't bark and a gentleman who still thinks he's in the RAF; all in a house stuck doggedly in the 1950's. An original piece of writing by Tracey Linegar and Marcus Belassie, Conversations with Barbara will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. For a brief time, get back in touch with a bygone age.

Mild swearing and sexual references.

Featuring Rebecca Denmark as Tracey Skegely
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