Cities of God?

CITIES of GOD? An interdisciplinary assessment of early Christian engagement with the ancient urban environment(s)

Friday 22nd–Saturday 23rd May 2015 on the campus of St Mary’s University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, TW1 4SX

With a keynote address from Paul Trebilco (Professor of New Testament Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand): ‘Engaging—or Not Engaging—the City: Reading 1–2 Timothy and the Johannine Letters in the City of Ephesus’
This interdisciplinary and international project aims to advance significantly understanding of the growth and development of the early Christian movement in urban settings in the first two centuries.

Earliest Christianity was predominantly an urban movement, which invites exploration of its engagement with the urban environment(s). This project aims to locate the Christian movement in urban contexts in the first two Christian centuries, in order (i) to understand how city settings (physical, cultural, and social environments) affected the Christian movement's development, and (ii) to consider how the earliest Christians reflected on and understood the urban world(s) of their day. In both of the main areas, we shall have some general papers, plus some studies of particular settings (e.g. Ephesus, Rome, Corinth, Philippi, Jerusalem).

The project will feature interdisciplinary interaction between scholars in Classics (who have understanding of ancient cities), Early Christianity (who have understanding of early Christian texts and thinking), and Human Geography (who have understanding of how humans live together, interact and develop culture[s] in urban settings).

Other presenters include:
Prof. David Gill, University Campus Suffolk
Prof. Eddie Adams, King’s College London
Prof. David Horrell, University of Exeter
Dr Ian Paul, University of Nottingham
Dr Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer, University of Aberdeen
Dr Anders Runessen, McMaster University, Canada
Dr Anthony Le Donne, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH, USA
Prof. Chris Keith, St Mary’s University
Prof. Steve Walton, St Mary’s University & Tyndale House, Cambridge
Dr Matthew Sleeman, Oak Hill College, London
Prof. Paul Cloke, University of Exeter
Dr Volker Rabens, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena
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