Glitter Knickers

The Rondo Theatre Presents

Glitter Knickers

By Gill Kirk

You haven't yet cured cancer, climbed Everest, invented eternal ice-cream or bought that duck-filled farmyard for your ten children you never tell off.  You haven’t starred in a James Bond film or shagged and dumped a pop star.

And people - well, people die.

This is the merry tale of the kind of wild adventure and insane insight found only in the milli-silli-seconds between life and death. When you can do anything and be anyone. Like a Sindy™ doll who encounters a murderous goddess and changes the world. Because it’s never too late - right?

Laugh a lot, cry a bit, maybe wee a bit: Gill Kirk’s new show is a must-see gem for anyone staring (early!) middle-age in the hairy eyebrow.

Because who knows what’s round the corner?

Only for big girls and boys.

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