Stanley's Film Club: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

The ultimate tale of sibling rivalry! What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (1962; dir. Robert Aldrich) tells the story of Joan “Baby Jane”, a child star in 1917 whose career faded in the 1930s while her sister Blanche became a Hollywood icon. Thirty years later, after a terrible accident, both sisters live in a crumbling mansion. As Jane slowly loses her mind, she torments her sister, going to ever-greater extremes. This nerve-rattling psychological thriller stars arch-rivals Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, whose real-life careers had also ground to a halt.

This event will support South London Theatre’s production of Bette and Joan (13-17 September) a deliciously bitchy play full of barbed insults, insincere smiles and sparkling dialogue. The film will be followed by a Q&A with cast and crew, who will share  valuable insights on the film and developing the stage production.


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