Unearthed in a Field 2017

About Us.

Unearthed In a Field is about unearthing something hidden within. Something that lies deep within us, sub language, sub thought, like an underground stream that connects us all and nourishes.

We are very much about the Earth, environment and universe.

As a festival we feel its important to have a focus for celebration. We recognised some time ago that there are groups of people who are already well practiced in spiritual ways of life, sustainable ways of living, some people call these groups ‘hippies’. Equally there are large groups within our community that allocate no mental attention to these things, but live contented lives none the less pursuing what some people would call the more ‘mainstream’ culture.

It is our understanding that there are benefits to all by bringing us together, regardless of what group others put us in.

Unearthed in a Field is not about groups. Its about oneness. About creating a space where people of all backgrounds can come together peacefully and share knowledge, skills, conversations, laughter and dance.

The philosophy of this event is about the expansion of consciousness. This may take the form of expanding conscious awareness of material items, or for some this expansion will occur within the field of the more ethereal.

We are not here to tell you where you need to expand into. We are here to create a space where you feel comfortable to find your own curiosities. Through these experiences we hope you leave feeling uplifted, with more understanding of the world and each other. We believe this helps us to feel more contentment and create a better world.

What kind of things are happening..

All stall holders, food suppliers, musicians, talks and more are chosen within the framework of our guiding philosophy; ‘ The expansion of consciousness, from the material to the ethereal’.

So lets elaborate a bit. Firstly, the Music.
In a word we could say its ‘roots’ music. But to break that down we would say the musical focus is on world, reggae and folk music. With artists having performed from Colombia, Ghana, Japan, Wales, England and Europe we are grateful to introduce you to some fantastic performances. There is a musical journey. Artists are not randomly selected, or put as headline acts because of the number of facebook likes. Its all about the vibe.

Talks are a big part of Unearthed, and very much close to the heart of why we do the event. The talks really help focus our minds on the ethereal. Topics have ranged from sustainable living, food production, child birth and care, dreaming, meditation or the after-life, to name just a few.
We are looking to improve this aspect of the festival in 2017, so watch this space.


Nourishing the mind needs a nourished body. All food suppliers at Unearthed are vegan and or vegetarian. The near endless spectrum of fantastic vegetarian food is something to behold, and something which is rarely encountered for non-vegetarians in day to day life. Certainly if you were to judge vegetarian options by what we see in pubs and most restaurants you might think that options are limited. But this is far form the truth.
We would like to help introduce you to a selection of fantastic food suppliers who put a lot of love, care and attention into their food. ‘Theres no big macs ‘ere son’

You are of course welcome to bring your own food to cook if you are camping. Though please do so carefully.

We run our own bar as we are not fans of of quing for a long time to buy a pint of standard mass produced beer on a non-recycleable cup.
Drinks are organic and locally sourced where possible. Our beer is predominately from within the county, sprits are of high quality and mostly produced in Wales, cachaca is an exception, but is organic and essential for the most popular drink of the festie… Caiparinha!


Each morning we start the day with yoga or pilates or similar. We also run children's classes. It is our aim to offer activities throughout the day which are god for kids and big kids alike. We introduced a kids tent in 2016 which went down well, and are looking to do more for teenage kids in 2017.
We know there is room for improvement here, so if you have ideas for things that kids can do, we welcome your input.

Other things happening include our epic Fire Sculpture, Fire pit, the Free Stage for anyone to jam on, recite poetry, healing area, sauna (break down the barriers and strip of the clothes if you feel comfortable to do so), fire and walk around performances

Forthcoming Dates
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