Tour Booking for Producers

Sarah Trist is the dance industry's leading tour booker, with nearly thirty years' experience in the field, and she has developed a tour booking service for dance artists which acts as a conduit between clients and wide range of UK and overseas venues, festivals and agencies. 

This workshop can also be attended online via Skype, and the footage will be available for two weeks after the event for online participants along with any handouts, presentations and exercises.

Sarah works with a range of highly-respected artists, including Company Chameleon, HeadSpaceDance, Protein, Umanoove (Didy Veldman), The Hiccup Project, Lea Anderson, Nora and Aakash Odedra, and this workshop will be an opportunity to learn from her on how to successfully tourbook in the current economic climate. 

This workshop will focus on how to tourbook for dance productions, however it will also be relevant for theatre and musical theatre producers. 

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