Warrior Camp II

Please note: Warrior Camp II is only available to children aged 10-14, or those who have previously completed Warrior Camp I. 

Do you have what it takes to survive a night at Butser Ancient Farm? 

Warrior Camp II is a fierce and challenging three-day workshop for children aged 10-14, where they will develop the ancient skills learnt in Warrior Camp I and experience what it's like to survive a night at Butser Ancient Farm. 

Upskill your ancient knowledge and learn metalworking, firelighting, cooking a feast, stalking prey, building a bridge, tying knots - and even make your own bed to sleep in!

All activities supervised by Keith Page MBE and David Norrish, both highly experienced in outdoor pursuits and children's activities. 

Tuesday: 10am 4pm
Wednesday: 10am with overnight stay
Thursday: To finish at 4pm

180 for three days, including an overnight stay at Butser

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